World's Weirdest Homes

World's Weirdest Homes


Charlie Luxton’s mission to find the world’s “most bonkers” homes begins in New York , where he meets an artist living in a converted wheelie bin to avoid the city’s extortionate rent.

Even nuttier is the giant toilet-shaped abode in South Korea, the nuclear missile base turned family home in Kansas and the Australian “merry-go-round” house that rotates on its axis every half hour.

If you’re looking for home decor inspiration, this probably isn’t the programme for you. It is, however, a fascinating – if not slightly baffling – peep through some very peculiar keyholes with the structural quirks of the homes more than matched by the eccentricities of their owners.


Charlie Luxton presents a guide to 20 of the most unusual residences ever built, before revealing what he considers the weirdest house on Earth. Residences featured include a skip that provides living space for an artist, a rotating house, a plane in the middle of a forest, a converted nuclear missile silo, a perfect replica of the family home from The Munsters, a house shaped like a giant beagle, a summerhouse by a frequently flooding river and an apartment block that looks like a giant snake.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Charlie Luxton
Director Storm Theunissen
Executive Producer Sanjay Singhal
Executive Producer Jon Alwen
Producer Storm Theunissen