Series 2 - Episode 5



It’s the most measured programme on television, and it’s nearly over. This bubble of balm, the penultimate episode, is such a satisfying mixture of funny, feel-good and regretful that you’ll hate the thought of the series ending. Buried in its field of fun are evergreen truths about love and friendship, and the things we don’t say but should.

After a beautifully bizarre prologue, Andy dithers over a new life abroad, Lance kicks himself for a botched reunion, there’s another lemonade fiasco and the real identity of metal detectorists “Simon and Garfunkel” is finally unearthed.


After recent revelations, Lance, Andy, Becky and Sophie are trying to come to terms with an uncertain future. Terry puts his emergency plan into action - but it will help only one of them. Comedy, starring Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones.

Cast & Crew

Andy Mackenzie Crook
Lance Toby Jones
Becky Rachael Stirling
Sophie Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Terry Gerard Horan
Sheila Sophie Thompson
Russell Pearce Quigley
Hugh Divian Ladwa
Louise Laura Checkley
Varde Orion Ben
Peter Daniel Donskoy
Art Simon Farnaby
Paul Paul Casar
Mayor Kenneth Collard
Larry Bishop David Sterne
Police officer Neil Edmond
Mike the barman Michael Pretty
Director Mackenzie Crook
Producer Adam Tandy
Writer Mackenzie Crook
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