Mr Monk and the Dog

Series 8 - Episode 11 Mr Monk and the Dog



Adrian reluctantly agrees to take care of a dog whose owner is missing after Natalie notices it seems to like him. As the search continues, Monk becomes certain he knows who is behind the disappearance - and realises the hound could be the key to solving the case. Guest starring Wallace Langham (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation), with Tony Shalhoub and Traylor Howard.

Cast & Crew

Adrian Monk Tony Shalhoub
Natalie Teeger Traylor Howard
Lt Randall Disher Jason Gray-Stanford
Capt Leland Stottlemeyer Ted Levine
Steve DeWitt Wallace Langham
Amanda Castle Marguerite Moreau
Samantha Austin Denise Dowse
Gwen DeWitt Suzanne Ford
Anne Marie Sierra McCormick
Barry Kaylan Bolton
Aunt Teresa Liza de Weerd
Director David Breckman
Writer Beth Armogida
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