Hitler's Supergun

Hitler's Supergun
Fri 3 Nov 2pm - 3pm National Geographic Channel


This is one of those stirring documentaries that promise tales of Second World War operations that have “never before been told”. In the later stages of the war Hitler ordered the creation of the largest gun ever, the V3, designed to fire shells at London from a massive emplacement in a hillside on the French coast.

And in a race to knock out the supergun, the Allies dreamt up their own hi-tech weapons. The Americans devised a remote-controlled heavy bomber packed with explosives (an operation in which the man “born to be president”, Joe Kennedy Jr, died), while the British drafted in Barnes Wallis, the genius behind the bouncing bomb. His idea? A weapon that would trigger an earthquake.


Hugh Hunt examines how the Nazis built the largest cannon in history during the Second World War, a 25-barrelled artillery piece built into a French hillside. He performs a series of experiments to determine how the weapon worked and whether it could have fulfilled its intended purpose - destroying London in its entirety. He also examines plans by the Allies to destroy it, including drone bombers and earthquake-causing weapons.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Hugh Hunt
Director Ian Duncan
Editor Paul Shepard
Producer Catherine Watling