The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom

Series 1 - Episode 5



By Odin, this is strong stuff! Things come to a mighty head in tonight’s chapter of the Saxon saga, as the Wessex folk face a war on two fronts: nutter warlord Ubba approaching from the Severn and his henchman Guthrum by land.

Now, what was the one piece of advice Rutger Hauer gave to our hero Uhtred? He quite clearly said never cross Ubba, didn’t he, and never, ever fight him? But young Uhtred is not big on advice, and he takes a negotiation as an opportunity to wind up Ubba like a carriage clock, until the great Dane is literally spitting mad. Can that be wise?

Apart from the action – and there is crushingly good action tonight – Stephen Butchard’s script nicely plays up the contrast between those earthy, party-loving Danes and the prissy Saxons, whose generals are like a bunch of stressed-out middle managers. The two tribes also, we gather, have different ideas of justice.


The act of rescuing his new bride Mildrith from suspected abduction draws Uhtred into the great battle of Cynuit, where he demonstrates his strength by heroically defeating a formidable enemy. But his moment of glory is short-lived when Odda the Younger steals his thunder, and his angry response ends with him forced to face Alfred's penance. Alexander Dreymon stars in the epic medieval drama charting the battle between Vikings and Saxons, based on the book by Bernard Cornwell, with David Dawson, Brian Vernel, Amy Wren and Ian Hart.

Cast & Crew

Uhtred Alexander Dreymon
Alfred David Dawson
Leofric Adrian Bower
Ubba Rune Temte
Odda the Elder Simon Kunz
Aethelwold Harry McEntire
Odda the Younger Brian Vernel
Mildrith Amy Wren
Beocca Ian Hart
Oswald Victor McGuire
Godric Craig Whittaker
Aelswith Eliza Butterworth
Wulfhere Sean Gilder
Gwen Helen Monks
Storri the Sorcerer Henning Valin
Nursemaid Laura Dobrosi
Drunk man Mark Phelan
Man in crowd Kevin Griffiths
Bishop Ralph Berkin
Director Ben Chanan
Dramatised By Stephen Butchard
Producer Chrissy Skinns
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