Britain's Oldest Crooks

Britain's Oldest Crooks


Dick, 81, has spent more than four years in prison for breaching Asbos served on him for sheep-chasing, waving his stick in a menacing way and generally riling his neighbours. In this look at over-60s who end up in the slammer, we also meet John, 66, who went to prison for six weeks after he kept feeding the pigeons in Morecambe.

Despite the jolly music, there is a genuinely sad side. Zeke, 81, has just done a five-year stint for drug dealing, while Audrey was in such desperate debt that she committed fraud. The documentary has an oddly light tone, but it does ask the important question: whether prison is the right place for some of these people to end their days.


Retirement is usually a period to take things easy and enjoy a well-earned rest, but as the UK's population ages, so does its criminals - the over-60s are now the fastest-growing group behind bars. These OAP crooks have committed everything from shoplifting and fraud to breaching Asbos. What brings them to act in such a way at a time of life when they could be putting their feet up? And when it costs almost £40,000 a year to lock up a pensioner, is sending them to prison always the best solution?

Cast & Crew

Narrator Richard Denton
Director Richard Wyllie
Executive Producer Paul Hamann
Producer Richard Wyllie