Tony Robinson's Wild West

Tony Robinson's Wild West

Series 1 - Episode 1



Robinson cannot contain his boyish glee – “Would I just!” – when he’s invited to fire a Gatling gun, the forerunner of the modern machine gun and a weapon favoured by General Custer. But for the most part his history lesson is a more sobering affair than the Hollywood westerns that he loved to act out as a child. With the help of rare stereograph prints (3D photographs that were all the rage in the 1900s, especially if they depicted solemn Indians and stern cowboys), he recounts how more than 60 native American tribal cultures were hunted down and corralled on reservations, and how Custer’s Last Stand turned out to be theirs, too.


Unseen 3D stereographic images of the mythologised and sanitised Wild West, re-examining the iconic figures that characterised the legend.