Simply Nigella

Series 1 - Episode 1



Nigella Lawson refers only obliquely to the volcanos that erupted in her private life since her last BBC series when she talks of how her current relaxed and restorative attitude to food fits with her “new kitchen and where I am in my life right now”.

Clearly any half-decent human being will be pleased to see that Lawson looks happy and well after such seismic ructions, even if you might recoil at her first dish: avocado on German spelt bread toast with radishes. For breakfast. (Though it could be worse, it could be houmous).

But there you go, it’s all part of the Nigella lifestyle as we follow her through groovy London streets to her favourite bijou grocery store. Then she gets chummy as she sits on the stairs and shows us snaps from a Thai holiday as uplifting soul classics are sprinkled on to the soundtrack. There’s even a blooper reel at the end!


A pared-down approach to cuisine in which the domestic goddess reveals that what people cook and how they prepare it really can make them feel better and more alive. Nigella prepares her avocado toast with radishes for breakfast, a Thai noodle dish with cinnamon and prawns, and a laid-back family supper of seeded lamb ribs, served with a feta and avocado salad. Nigella also serves her warm-spiced cauliflowers and `chicksalad' and a sweet treat in the form of an apricot almond cake.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Nigella Lawson
Executive Producer Jennifer Fazey
Series Producer Dominic Cyriax