Arne Dahl: Hidden Numbers

Arne Dahl: Hidden Numbers

Series 2



It’s heartening to see that Swedish television cops can be as thick as their British counterparts, particularly when it comes to “waiting for back-up”.

As we know, no one ever “waits for back-up” because “back-up” is always “on its way”, thus conveniently giving our heroes and heroines plenty of time foolishly to subject themselves to jeopardy by going into potentially deadly situations, alone and unprotected by “back-up”.

The cops of the A Unit are gleefully back-up-free during another two-part story, a particularly distasteful one about missing girls and possible sex trafficking. There’s just a bit too much relish as the camera closes in on dead bodies and other unpleasantness.


Part one of two. Two Swedish girls are found dead on the outskirts of Brussels, and the circumstances surrounding their deaths point to a vicious trafficking operation involving a branch of the Black Hearts motorcycle gang. In Swedish.

Cast & Crew

Kerstin Holm Malin Arvidsson
Paul Hjelm Shanti Roney
Jorge Chavez Alexander Salzberger
Gunnar Nyberg Magnus Samuelsson
Sara Svenhagen Vera Vitali
Aarto Soderstedt Niklas Akerfelt
Ida Jankowicz Natalie Minnevik
Bengt Akesson Alexander Karim
Lotta Bjorck Vanna Rosenberg
Lykke Svedberg Sara Manberg
Mira Nora Rios
Pia Lisa Henni
Peter Jeppson Felix Engstrom
Brynolf Svenhagen Claes Hartelius
Angelica Agnes Hargne Wallander
Director Caroline Cowan
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