Series 1 - Episode 4



Dead, dispossessed Jimmy, murdered 40 years ago, might be a ghostly presence in this superior crime drama, but his shadow looms large.

Lives he touched, however briefly, are falling apart as lies are exposed and secrets are brought into the light by Detective Chief Inspector Cassie Stuart. Shifty businessman and thug Sir Phillip Cross (Trevor Eve) has much to feel anxious about, but he puts up a bullish front that fails to convince Cassie’s sidekick Sunny (the excellent Sanjeev Bhaskar): “I sense we’re getting closer [to the truth], don’t you?” asks Sunny.

It’s a fantastic cast, full of big names, including Tom Courtenay as a seemingly bluff old man, and a heart-rending Gemma Jones as his terrified wife.


As the investigation into the cold-case murder continues, the forensic team discovers that the marks on the victim's body are consistent with known gangland torture methods. With this in mind, Cassie and Sunny question Sir Phillip about his involvement with a prominent East End crime family 40 years ago. Did the businessman or any of the shady associates of his youth have anything to do with Jimmy's disappearance or murder? Meanwhile, Eric and Claire's anniversary gets under way. Crime drama, starring Nicola Walker, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Trevor Eve and Tom Courtenay.

Cast & Crew

DCI Cassie Stuart Nicola Walker
DS Sunil `Sunny' Khan Sanjeev Bhaskar
Eric Slater Tom Courtenay
Sir Phillip Cross Trevor Eve
Father Robert Greaves Bernard Hill
Lizzie Wilton Ruth Sheen
Claire Slater Gemma Jones
Grace Greaves Hannah Gordon
Shirley Cross Cherie Lunghi
Martin Peter Egan
Ray Wilton Brian Bovell
Maureen Sullivan Frances Tomelty
Ellie Greaves Claire Goose
Bella Cross Zoe Telford
Caroline Greaves Tamzin Malleson
Les Slater Dominic Power
Josh Cross Tom Austen
Matt Slater Adam Astill
Curtis Ade Oyefeso
Brandon Valentine Olukoga
Sheila Tessa Peake-Jones
DC Jake Collier Lewis Reeves
DS Murray Boulting Jordan Long
DC Karen Willetts Pippa Nixon
Sean Rawlins Jonathan Harden
Marcus Archer Silas Carson
Alan Mackay Struan Rodger
Joanna Bridges Caroline O'Neill
Jimmy Sullivan Harley Sylvester
Adam Stuart Jassa Ahluwalia
Alice West Sheila Steafel
Director Andy Wilson
Executive Producer Chris Lang
Executive Producer Sally Haynes
Executive Producer Laura Mackie
Producer Tim Bradley
Writer Chris Lang
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