Girl in a Band: Tales from the Rock 'n' Roll Front Line

Girl in a Band: Tales from the Rock 'n' Roll Front Line


In case the title doesn't make it clear, this doc isn't about "girl bands", but rather girls who happen to be in bands. It's an important distinction to make. While the former suggests the tailored pop of, say, the Ronettes or Bananarama, the latter evokes the snarling rebellion of Joan Jett, Patti Smith and the Slits. So, here the focus falls chiefly on women who smashed their way into the previously male-dominated arenas of punk, metal and indie rock.

There's a lot to cover (perhaps a two-parter would have been better), but it's great to hear from Talking Heads' Tina Weymouth, Fall alumna Brix Smith Start and New Order's Gillian Gilbert, who's become a regular fixture on BBC4's Friday-night bill.

There's also a rare chat with the Breeders/Pixies' fabulous Kim Deal. "I don't think I'd want to be in a band with all guys, 'cause... guys are boring," she whispers.


Journalist Kate Mossman tries to look beyond the cliches of fallen angels, grunge babes and rock chicks as she gets the untold stories from rock's front line to discover if it has always been different for female members in a band. Contributors include Elkie Brooks and Carol Kaye.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Kate Mossman
Contributor Elkie Brooks
Contributor Carol Kaye
Director Dione Newton
Executive Producer Mark Cooper
Producer Dione Newton
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