The Harbinger

Series 1 - Episode 1 The Harbinger



The Jekyll/Hyde story is said to be the most filmed after Sherlock Holmes and Dracula. The adapter here, Charlie Higson, treats it as the original superhero story – forebear of the Incredible Hulk, basically – and gives it a suitably full-blooded, comic-book treatment.

So full-blooded, in fact, that it may be on the edgy side for some of its intended teatime audience. Doctor Who sets the bar high for monsters but a half-man half-dog here called the Harbinger is properly nightmarish.

Higson has shifted the setting to the bustling, sexy 1930s, where the original Dr Jekyll’s grandson has inherited his you-won’t-like-me-when-I’m-angry gene. As he arrives in London from Ceylon, Jekyll collides with a gallery of gamey characters. They include several cool lady friends and an anti-monster spy chief played by Richard E Grant. But the series will stand or fall on its star and as both the naive doctor and his rampaging id, Tom Bateman is great.


Fantasy adventure series inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's novel. The grandson of the infamous Dr Jekyll returns to London from Ceylon in the 1930s when he receives an inheritance. As he delves into his family's mysterious past, he does not realise he is being pursued by members of a secret society - while a ruthless spymaster intends to use him as bait for a trap. Starring Tom Bateman and Richard E Grant.

Cast & Crew

Robert Jekyll Tom Bateman
Bulstrode Richard E Grant
Bella Natalie Gumede
Garson Donald Sumpter
Lily Stephanie Hyam
Capt Dance Enzo Cilenti
Max Utterson Christian McKay
Ravi Michael Karim
Sir Danvers Carew Robin Hooper
Edward Hyde Thomas Coombes
Gabriel Utterson Angus Wright
Dr Najaran Ace Bhatti
Gurinder Najaran Lolita Chakrabarti
Hills Ruby Bentall
The Harbinger Dee Tails
Hannigan Phil McKee
Mr Wax Oliver Gilbert
Henry Jekyll David Bark-Jones
Brannigan Amit Shah
Sackler Tom Rhys Harries
Adelie Amy Bowden
Young woman at window Melanie Wilder
Thug Carl McCrystal
Bellboy Rhys Isaac-Jones
Hotel manager Robert Wilfort
Small girl at clinic Kasuni Narmada Kurulugama
Postman Raja Ganeshan
Beggar Nathaly Nanayakkara
Director Colin Teague
Executive Producer Charlie Higson
Executive Producer Francis Hopkinson
Series Producer Foz Allan
Writer Charlie Higson
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