The Frankenstein Chronicles

A World Without God

Series 1 - Episode 1 A World Without God



Very like Mary Shelley’s creature, The Frankenstein Chronicles is made up of various components from different sources – a bit of Ripper Street here, a dash of Sherlock there and a big chunk of English Gothic at its heart.

It has a solid period feel and a grubby menace, and a terrific cast led by Sean Bean as John Marlott, a fair and decent Bow Street police officer with a Hidden Pain (it’s the law of TV cop dramas) who is ordered by the Home Secretary (Silent Witness’s Tom Ward) to clamp down on the hideous work of “resurrectionists” (grave robbers).

But children are going missing and there are bad deeds and abominations afoot.

There’s the odd cheap shock – not that there’s anything wrong with that and you’ll still jump even though you know what’s coming – and the whole thing positively sweats a clammy, creepy atmosphere.


Period crime drama set in London in 1827. When the police arrest a gang of opium smugglers on the banks of the Thames, Inspector John Marlott makes a shocking discovery in the form of the body of a dead child washed up on the shore. He is ordered by Home Secretary Sir Robert Peel to lead the investigation, however details must remain confidential. Starring Sean Bean.

Cast & Crew

Inspector John Marlott Sean Bean
Sir Robert Peel Tom Ward
Pritty Charlie Creed-Miles
Sir William Chester Samuel West
Lady Jemima Hervey Vanessa Kirby
Sir Daniel Hervey Ed Stoppard
Mary Shelley Anna Maxwell Martin
Director Benjamin Ross
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