The Selkie Boy

Series 3 - Episode 8 The Selkie Boy



Alli has an encounter with a mythical and handsome creature known as a selkie, while Izzy gets herself into more trouble when she loses one of Sarah's treasured rings.

Cast & Crew

Alli Boulsworth Helen Daniels
Lucas Summer Tom Coliandris
Rocket Boulsworth Joe Gallucci
Dibber Sparks Jordan Benjamin
Jade Hollis Sydney Wade
Jonathan Healey William Hall
Peter Boulsworth Mark Jordon
Sarah Boulsworth Natasha Joseph
TOM Ram John Holder
Madison Creetch Gia Re
Archie Beckles Kit Connor
Brandon Kelleher Samuel Bottomley
Mr Summer Mark Frost
Selkie boy Magnus Tonning Riise
Izzy Wizzy Lauren Press
Director Paul Cotter
Series Producer Lucy Martin
Writer Neil Jones
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