Alexander Armstrong's Land of the Midnight Sun

Alexander Armstrong's Land of the Midnight Sun

Series 1 - Episode 1



“I guess it will be invigorating,” says Alexander Armstrong anxiously, as he waits to plunge into an icy ocean, “but then so is being tasered.”

In this series from 2015, he’s on an 8,000-mile journey around the Arctic Circle and it’s bitterly cold. He piles on the layers (about seven at one point) while politely enduring a night in an ice hotel (“That was an ordeal”), a fishing trip for cod and a perilous drive through the hurricane-strength winds of an ice storm (“The scariest 20 minutes of my life”).

He’s a gentle, well-mannered travelling companion, so don’t expect searching questions or gritty investigations, but he has a nice turn of phrase. As he strolls underneath a glacier and examines the strata he describes it as “like walking into a humbug”.


The television presenter and comedian takes on an epic 8,000-mile journey halfway around the Arctic Circle deep in mid-winter, a spectacular but deadly time of year to see the unforgiving, ice-bound region. His odyssey is full of surprises as he witnesses natural wonders and discovers the magnetic lure of the far north. The first edition sees Alexander begin in Scandinavia and head toward Iceland, as he swims with locals in the ocean, faces the worst storm in 25 years, and goes down the world's first major tunnel to be built into the heart of a glacier.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Alexander Armstrong
Executive Producer Jeremy Phillips
Series Director Dominic Ozanne
Series Producer Jamie Batten