Steve Backshall and Ed Stafford

Episode 1 Steve Backshall and Ed Stafford



If you’re expecting a hazard-by-hazard analysis of Ed Stafford’s momentous trek along the entire length of the Amazon — yes, 6,000 miles — you may be disappointed at the apparent lack of anecdotes. Instead, this relatively brief interview by fellow adventurer Steve Backshall gets Stafford to open up about his formative years, to profound and fascinating effect.

We hear about his not-particularly-happy time at public school, a rebellious period as a young man and his thoughts on being adopted. He’s a pleasure to listen to, full of wisdom but never self-important: “To put yourself through hardship now is just a way of constantly making sure you evolve.” Has a seemingly simplistic notion ever made so much sense?


New series. Steve Backshall meets Ed Stafford, the first person to walk the 6,000-mile length of the Amazon River over a two-and-a-half year period, and attempts to discover what drives his guest to attempt almost superhuman challenges.
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