Britain As Seen on ITV

Rule Britannia

Series 1 - Episode 6 Rule Britannia



There are laugh-out-loud moments in this slide show from the ITV archives – laughing at the past, basically. My favourite was the police inspector in 1979 musing on the new WPCs, or ‘girls’ as he referred to them on a passing out parade. ‘As you can see now, they look splendid. Their uniforms fit them perfectly. They’re, they’re… erect. And some ten weeks ago when they came to us, some of them couldn’t even walk!’

Elsewhere there’s a piece on a tearoom in 1980s Cheltenham, in which one contributor, a hotelier presumably, pronounces camply on the important [italics]‘experrrience’ [italics] of afternoon tea while wearing spectacles the size of dinner plates. ITV should make this series a weekly fixture.


A selection of clips from the past 60 years of ITV programmes celebrating things that the nation is famous for around the world. Including a 1960s report on the beloved Sunday roast, a look at the constantly changing face - and uniform - of the police force, and a feature revealing how people used to head into telephone boxes to find out the very latest weather forecast. Jane Horrocks narrates.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Jane Horrocks
Director Richard Mortimer
Executive Producer Mark Robinson
Series Producer Richard Mortimer