You, Me and the Apocalypse

You, Me and the Apocalypse

Series 1 - Episode 1



Think of a broadcasting buzzword and this new drama earns it. Channels routinely claim their offerings are “bold”, “ambitious” and “distinctive”. You, Me and The Apocalypse is all of those things, done on a scale that feels almost unBritish.

The best reference point is The Wrong Mans (BBC2’s comedy thriller), not least because Mathew Baynton here plays another Berkshire everyman wrenched from his humdrum life. He’s Jamie, a mournful Slough bank clerk stuck in a rut, who is baffled when the police arrest him for international cyber-crime.

His arrest happens on the very day a comet is discovered to be hurtling towards Earth. But that’s just one strand. As well as Jamie, we follow what the end of the world might mean for an Oklahoma librarian arriving in prison and an Italian nun applying for a post at the Vatican, where her boss is a rogue priest played by Rob Lowe.

Add Megan Mullally (from Will & Grace) as a white supremacist and Pauline Quirke as Jamie’s mum and you’ve got a heck of an ensemble cast. Wherever they’re going with this, it’s worth tagging along.


The lives of a group of eclectic and seemingly unconnected characters start to intersect in unexpected ways as news breaks that a comet is on an unavoidable collision course toward Earth and will hit in just 34 days. Mild-mannered Slough bank manager Jamie is arrested on suspicion of cyberterrorism and realises that, somehow, he must have an identical twin. Comedy drama, Mathew Baynton, Rob Lowe and Pauline Quirke.

Cast & Crew

Jamie Mathew Baynton
Paula Pauline Quirke
Rhonda Jenna Fischer
Leanne Megan Mullally
Father Jude Rob Lowe
Sister Celine Gaia Scodellaro
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