Series 1 - Episode 4 YOLO



Lindy looks into the disappearance of five teenagers in a case that may be connected to her own missing sister. Thriller, starring Victoria Justice.

Cast & Crew

Lindy Sampson Victoria Justice
Det Tommy Calligan Casey Jon Diedrick
Sgt Catherine Shaw Melanie Nicholls-King
Det Yeager Marcus Callender
Max Danny Flaherty
Amy Taylor Rose
Ethan Daniel Boisrond
Psychic Janis Dardaris
Jarek Pasha Pellosie
Jessica Ariane Rinehart
Morgan Jessica Sula
Aaron Derek Goh
Director Scott Spear
Executive Producer Catherine Hardwicke
Executive Producer Christian Taylor
Executive Producer Yvonne Bernard
Executive Producer Jason Blum
Executive Producer Beth Elise Hawk
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