Dani's Castle


Episode 12 Ghostwriter



With the radio show and their recordings getting more and more popular, Rich and Jimmy are offered a book deal to tell the story of Bogmoor FM. But they don't have time to do everything. What they need is a ghostwriter! Gabe convinces the boys he is the perfect person to research and write the story of Rich and Jimmy. He decides to interview the rest of the gang and discovers much more than he bargained for. Can Rich and Jimmy handle the truth? Can the world?

Cast & Crew

Rich Richard Wisker
Gabe Niall Wright
Kaitlin Shannon Flynn
Jimmy Kieran Alleyne
Dylan Toby Murray
Clare Jessica Forrest
Leonie Lucy Hutchinson
Elly Jordan Brown
Scriptwriter Bronah Taggart
Series Producer Raymond Lau
Director Beryl Richards
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