Legend Of The Monkey God

Legend Of The Monkey God
Mon 28 Aug 5pm - 6pm National Geographic Channel
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In 1994, aspiring Indiana Jones Steve Elkins trekked into the Honduran jungle to look for the Lost City of the Monkey God. Sounds glamorous, until you learn more about the area he was exploring. The Mosquitia region (most people would have stopped there) is "20,000 square miles of mountainous, disease-ridden, snake-infested jungle," we're told. He searched in vain. But 20 years on, he returned with technology on his side...

It's an intriguing tale, but even better is the story of Theodore Morde, the 1940s explorer, journalist, diplomat and spy who inspired Elkins's expedition. Morde claimed to have found the city, but hanged himself several years later at the age of 43.


Documentary following the search for the mythical City of the Monkey God in Honduras's Mosquitia rainforests.