Downton Abbey

Series 6 - Episode 5



The Health Minister, Neville Chamberlain, is coming to dinner at Downton Abbey. What fun it would be if he looked upon the vegetables and announced “peas in our time”.

But that’s too much to hope as the poor soul is about to be set upon by both sides in the dreary local hospital battle, and it turns out to be an eventful meal in all kinds of ways.

Down in the kitchen, Mrs Patmore’s kind thoughts turn to wee Trotskyite Daisy’s father-in-law Mr Mason, who’s moved into the farm on the estate. Which is a great joy as it means plenty of opportunities to play Pigs Bingo, including the magnificent, award-winning line from Branson: “A day of racing cars and pigs. Who could better that?” Who indeed, Tom?

And Lady Mary is Snoot of the Week when she tells Tom, “I don’t mean to sound snobbish” before she sounds snobbish.


Neville Chamberlain visits Downton for dinner, and is drawn into Violet's plan to save the hospital, with distressing consequences for everyone. Andy finds an unexpected confidante while helping Mr Mason move into Yew Tree Farm, Mary is uncertain if she has met her match, Edith meets Bertie Pelham in London, and Spratt comes to Denker's aid. Mrs Hughes struggles to keep Carson happy, while Mary thinks secrets are being kept from her.

Cast & Crew

Neville Chamberlain Rupert Frazer
Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham Maggie Smith
Robert, Earl of Grantham Hugh Bonneville
Lady Edith Crawley Laura Carmichael
Mr Carson Jim Carter
Baxter Raquel Cassidy
John Bates Brendan Coyle
Lady Mary Crawley Michelle Dockery
Molesley Kevin Doyle
Andy Michael Fox
Anna Joanne Froggatt
Henry Talbot Matthew Goode
Thomas Robert James-Collier
Tom Branson Allen Leech
Mrs Hughes Phyllis Logan
Cora, Countess of Grantham Elizabeth McGovern
Daisy Sophie McShera
Mrs Patmore Lesley Nicol
Dr Clarkson David Robb
Isobel Crawley Penelope Wilton
Mr Mason Paul Copley
Lord Merton Douglas Reith
Miss Denker Sue Johnston
Spratt Jeremy Swift
Sgt Willis Howard Ward
Bertie Pelham Harry Hadden-Paton
Charlie Rogers Sebastian Dunn
Audrey Victoria Emslie
Laura Edmunds Antonia Bernath
Director Michael Engler
Executive Producer Julian Fellowes
Executive Producer Gareth Neame
Executive Producer Nigel Marchant
Executive Producer Liz Trubridge
Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton
Executive Producer Susanne Simpson
Producer Chris Croucher
Writer Julian Fellowes
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