A Very British Romance with Lucy Worsley

A Very British Romance with Lucy Worsley

Series 1 - Episode 2



Lucy Worsley has rapidly become the Mr Benn of historical documentary series, such is her love of costume and fancy dress.

In the second episode of her jolly series about the birth of romance, Worsley is in Victorian clothes of various types as she explores the era’s love of mawkish romance and chivalry.

The Victorians embraced torrid tales of adultery and fallen women, and maudlin stories of death and romance. But the stench of cheap flowers was blown away by one Charlotte Brontë and her atypical heroine Jane Eyre, a plain girl who falls for a difficult older man. It was a partnership of spirited equals, and it scandalised some readers.

We also peek into the lives of Jane and Thomas Carlyle, whose free thinking ended at their front door.


The history of love reaches the Victorian age, where Lucy explores the romantic gestures that emerged and still exist today, such as performing love songs and sending flowers. She also reveals how medieval chivalry shaped courtship, defining the roles that men and women had to play, and dips into popular novels of the time, discovering how the passion explored in fiction was translating into real-life desires.