Choc Horror

Series 3 - Episode 11 Choc Horror



Dylan finds half a mysterious recipe for chocolate cake in one of the Earl's old books, and tries to get Kait to guess at the missing ingredients and bake it. She decides to try to make it up with Rich by making him the cake, but it's a flat out failure. Then the gang are truly surprised when some long lost family members show up at the castle. There is something not quite right about them, but who are they really and why are they there? It seems that all is not as it seems. Leonie is suspicious of Dylan's long lost cousins and decides to stake them out to find out what's going on. It seems to have something to do with chocolate! Meanwhile Rich has a secret of his own to keep from Kait. Will they finally get back together or could there be someone else.

Cast & Crew

Director Beryl Richards
Series Producer Raymond Lau
Writer Paul Rose