The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door

When Neighbours Spy

Series 4 - Episode 8 When Neighbours Spy



The observational documentary shedding light on residential disputes concludes with an insight into how suburban feuds can breed anger, suspicion and fear, and cause people to resort to subterfuge to get their way. Among the stories highlighted are that of Leslie, whose neighbours began capturing his activities on film, convinced that his trade business was illegal, and Phil, who was assigned a restraining order after his ex-mayor neighbour made recordings that proved he was harassing her. Also featured are two tales in which old friendships were ruined when certain parties resorted to breaching each other's privacy and round-the-clock surveillance.

Cast & Crew

Director Dominic Callaghan
Director Richard Cooke
Director Gareth Rowlands
Director Benedict Sanderson
Director Craig Woodrow
Executive Producer Matthew Gordon
Executive Producer Michele Carlisle
Producer Dominic Callaghan
Producer Richard Cooke
Producer Gareth Rowlands
Producer Benedict Sanderson
Producer Craig Woodrow
Series Producer Mona Hamed
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