Money for Nothing

Money for Nothing

Series 1 - Episode 5



Sarah Moore - writer, designer and winner of BBC2’s Great Interior Design Challenge – hosts a new daytime series that began on Monday. She tries to make money for punters by upscaling old tat: and in this case it really is tat, because the objects she pimps and then sells were destined for the rubbish dump. Today in Stockport, Moore stops an old radio, a postwar table and an unloved suitcase from being thrown away. Having transformed the items and sold them, she hands the owners their bounty in cash – but how much will it be?


At the tip, Sarah Moore prevents a sewage pipe, a blanket box and a cardboard box full of old plates from being dumped to landfill, transforming them into bespoke and valuable pieces. Back in Stockport, she reveals the transformations and hands over the profits to the people who had no idea that riches could be made from their rubbish.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Sarah Moore
Executive Producer Michelle Friel
Executive Producer Jules Kean