Jamie's Super Food

Jamie's Super Food

Series 1 - Episode 1



Jamie Oliver visits five places in the world where people live the longest to find out what the recipe is for a healthy, happy life. Having sampled a country’s specialities and joshed about with various nonagenarians he returns to his kitchen to prepare his own version (and slip in a few health-conscious cooking tips as he does so).

So, inspired by what he eats in Costa Rica and Greece, he prepares squash dhal with egg and a steak dish with herb tabouleh and feta cheese. Jamie’s a lot calmer than he was in his Naked Chef days, but he’s no less enthusiastic about really good, easy-to-prepare, tasty food.


Jamie Oliver studies the diets of the places that have the most centenarians in the world, before providing healthy recipes that can be cooked at home. In Costa Rica, he meets, cooks and eats with five generations of the same family, including 106-year-old Jose, while on the Greek island of Ikaria 84-year-old goat farmer Nikos gives him clues to the secrets of the locals' long lives. Back in the UK, Jamie creates a day's worth of nutritious and tasty meals, including griddled steak with toasted nuts and grilled peppers.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Jamie Oliver
Executive Producer Nicola Pointer
Series Director Martha Delap
Series Producer Chloe Court
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