The Trials of Jimmy Rose

The Trials of Jimmy Rose

Series 1 - Episode 2



Everything goes wrong very quickly for supposedly reformed armed robber/generic tough guy Jimmy Rose (Ray Winstone). Wading in to rescue his silly granddaughter from the clutches of a drug dealer didn’t work out well for Jimmy, who is flat out on a pavement, bruised.

But considering the pasting he was given, Jimmy is remarkably chipper and mobile as he roams around, breathing heavily like an angry moose trying to control its temper. “I need to get me ’aaands on 20 graaand a bit lively,” he tells an old mucker, as the Bad People start to close in. Meanwhile, his long-suffering wife (Amanda Redman) suffers just that little bit more.


Jimmy sees a local drug dealer meeting Tony, an old partner in crime whose violent actions led to an increase in his sentence. When he learns that Ellie and Aaron are in trouble because of his actions, Jimmy finds himself forced to consider working with Tony once again. Jackie has an encounter with the police and is forced to lie to them, leaving her convinced that her husband cannot change. Drama, starring Ray Winstone and Amanda Redman.

Cast & Crew

Jimmy Rose Ray Winstone
Jackie Rose Amanda Redman
Roy Anderson Paul Jesson
Sue Anderson Marion Bailey
DI Steve Macintyre John Lynch
Tony Chivers Mel Raido
Joe Rose Tom Cullen
Maria Rose Leticia Dolera
Charlie Cook Louis Mahoney
Kerry Irwin Pippa Bennett-Warner
Ellie Cooper Montanna Thompson
Aaron Stanley Jack Colgrave Hirst
Julie Cooper Charlotte Randle
Elliot Cooper Jadon Carnelly-Morris
Mehmet Guzman Akin Gazi
Andy Cavan Clerkin
Earl Tyson Oba
DC Sam Fraser Janine Mellor
India Rose Daisy Cooper-Kelly
PC Tanya Vital
Boy on swing Liam Seed
Hospital team Laurietta Essien
Hospital team Liam Ainsworth
Hospital team Amy Griffiths
Hospital team Andrew Sheridan
Director Adrian Shergold
Executive Producer Kieran Roberts
Producer Jane Dauncey
Writer Alan Whiting
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