Cradle to Grave

Cradle to Grave

Series 1 - Episode 1



In the 1970s, young Danny Baker’s chaotic east London home was always packed with knocked-off gear secured by his lairy geezer of a docker dad. Once, most memorably, continental quilts (that’s duvets to you, young people): “It was like living in a huge bag of marshmallows,” says 15-year-old Danny in the voiceover.

Baker and writer Jeff Pope have adapted Baker’s autobiography Going to Sea in a Sieve into this cheerful eight-part comedy, headed by Peter Kay who ditches those rich Lancashire tones for a gorblimey cockney accent as dad Spud.

Spud always has an eye to the main chance, pinching from the cargo holds of ships he unloads at the docks. There’s a funny scene when he and his mates steal a snifter from a barrel of what they think contains booze. “Trust me,” says Spud, to his understandably sceptical friends.


Comedy based on the early life of radio DJ, journalist and writer Danny Baker, starring Peter Kay and Lucy Speed as his parents Bet and Fred. It is 1974, and 15-year-old Danny is about to get an experience he will never forget when his older sister Sharon and her plimsole-wearing boyfriend take him to a West End theatre. Also starring Laurie Kynaston.

Cast & Crew

Fred Peter Kay
Bet Lucy Speed
Danny Laurie Kynaston
Michael Frankie Wilson
Sharon Alice Sykes
Soapy Martin Hancock
Ernie Jay Simpson
Terry Ronnie Fox
Colin Theo Barklem-Biggs
Tommy Brian Fletcher
Trevor Luke Higgins
Philip Frankie Fox
Martin Ross McCormack
Lenny Jack O’Connor
Amanda Star Jones
Lil Laura Checkley
Yvonne Alexa Davies
Teddy Ashley Cousins
Radio Rentals Man David Boyle
Martin’s Auntie Eliza Kempson
Director Sandy Johnson
Producer Kate Crowther
Writer Danny Baker
Writer Jeff Pope
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