Pound Shop Wars

The Multi-Price Battle

Series 2 - Episode 4 The Multi-Price Battle



Poundworld boss Chris is not a man to miss out on a business opportunity when he spots one, and so he’s moving into the multi-price retail world. For the uninitiated, that’s warehouse-sized shops selling bigger and more expensive items than the pound shops but still at knock down prices.

As he opens his massive store in St Helens we meet sales assistant Dom, a lovely chap who’s so keen to progress in Bargain Buys he’s prepared to dress up as a superhero mascot to promote the place. And he may well go further after a bit of “moulding” from trainer Andrew, whose sales techniques have “gone down in Bargain Buys folklore”.


The soaring profits of multi-price retailer B&M Bargains prompt Poundworld CEO Chris Edwards to open a rival chain of stores, named Bargain Buys. With no limits on the prices these stores can charge, retailers expect a healthy cash flow, and it is in this field where Chris has his roots. With 50 Bargain Buys planning to open across the country, the programme visits a standalone branch in St Helens to discover how divisional manager June and new recruit Dom plan to make this new shop a success. Chris also visits Chester, where the opening of a local Poundworld had a significant impact on stall-holders operating in the city's 150-year-old market-place.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Caroline Aherne
Director Tom Williams
Editor Craig Stobart
Executive Producer Cat Lewis
Series Producer Tom Williams