Britain's Biggest Adventures with Bear Grylls

The Yorkshire Dales

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Yorkshire Dales



Grylls’s adrenaline-infused travelogue reaches the Yorkshire Dales. There, he explores the dramatic limestone scenery and finds a great way to demonstrate the speed of a peregrine falcon. He sets off across the landscape on a mountain bike at full pelt, with a lure on his back. He has a 20-second start on the peregrine but it catches him with little bother. In a stoop – a dive from altitude onto a prey bird – the peregrine can reach 180mph, the fastest-moving animal there is (though cheetahs might object that falling from a great height is cheating).

Grylls himself becomes a painfully slow-moving animal as he tries to edge his way through a limestone cave system, then finds himself in a tunnel that is rapidly flooding as a torrent of rainwater pours through. For a while, it looks quite dicey.


The adventurer continues to explore the UK's natural history, abseiling at Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales and getting into danger in a flooding cave. Malham has long attracted tourists and geologists alike to wonder at its beauty and history, as well as walkers attracted to the limestone formation and its surrounding pathways, and Bear reveals a tropical past to one of North Yorkshire's finest features.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Bear Grylls
Director David O'Neill
Editor Christine Pancott
Executive Producer CJ Cardenas
Executive Producer Delbert Shoopman
Executive Producer Sam Starbuck
Executive Producer Jane Root
Producer James Chapman
Producer David O'Neill
Series Producer Dale Templar
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