Warlords of Ivory

Warlords of Ivory

Tuesday 11pm - 12am Nat Geo Wild
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Crime journalist Bryan Christy surveys the tusks of over 400 dead elephants – victims of Africa's illegal ivory trade. “These [poachers] are criminals,” he seethes. “I'm going to go after them, I'm going to find them and I'm going to expose them.”

It sounds like he’s watched too much Taken, but then Christy is the hero of a real-life thriller: a daring attempt to track down poachers with a GPS tracker hidden inside a faux ivory tusk.

It's a ploy that sees Christy thrown in jail, has him conducting tense, undercover deals and – in true plot twist style – uncovering sensational corruption: that the ivory, harvested by Ugandan terrorist Joseph Kony, is being bought by the Sudanese government in exchange for arms.


Bryan Christy presents a documentary reporting on the ivory trade, and how it is being used to fund terrorist organisations.