Mexico - In the Heart of the Desert

Series 1 - Episode 1 Mexico - In the Heart of the Desert



The mark of a good natural history documentary is the depth of detail it shows, so when we’re told the diamondback rattlesnake is “king” of the California Baja desert in Mexico thanks to its nocturnal vision, exceptional sense of smell and deadly venom, we expect to see the deadly results of its attributes rather than merely watching it slither into a nest. That’s the problem with this lushly filmed Canadian production that purports to highlight the crossover of nocturnal and diurnal species in Baja – there’s only the briefest of sketches for each animal, as it seems everything moving on the desert floor must have its moment in the sun.


Exploring five beautiful locations by the light of daybreak, including the tropical rainforest and the savannah. The first edition explores the Mexican peninsula Baja.