Titchmarsh on Capability Brown

Titchmarsh on Capability Brown

Series 1 - Episode 1



Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire is like a child’s vision of what a perfect castle should look like, awash with towers and crenellations. Part of its charm lies in its fine surroundings. But how splendid would the setting have looked if the celebrated and hugely influential Lancelot “Capability” Brown, who was born 300 years ago next year, had got his hands on it?

Brown surveyed the plot and drew up plans, but died in 1783 before anything could be started. His original plans have recently resurfaced, however, so it’s the perfect opportunity for Alan Titchmarsh to schmooze with the Duchess of Rutland as she tries to re-create Belvoir with added Capability magic. It’s going to require a bit more than a few plant pots and a nice bit of decking.

Titchmarsh also digs into Brown’s history, including a visit to Stowe, where he created a landscape that forever changed the face of British gardening.


Alan Titchmarsh celebrates the 300th anniversary of his horticultural hero, Lancelot `Capability' Brown, by helping to re-create one of his lost masterpieces at Belvoir Castle in Leicester.