Transporter: The Series

Hot Ice

Series 1 - Episode 6 Hot Ice



Frank is tasked with retrieving the contents of a safety deposit box, though while he works finds machete-wielding mercenaries are taking the building hostage. While they shoot and kill the security staff, Frank discovers the package contains a USB key and a small unidentifiable stone. After being involved in a high-speed chase on a Toronto highway, he later pieces together a conspiracy between a wealthy ice hockey team investor and a blood diamond company. Action thriller, starring Chris Vance.

Cast & Crew

Frank Martin Chris Vance
Carla Valeri Andrea Osvart
Insp Tarconi Francois Berleand
Juliette Dubois Delphine Chaneac
Dieter Hausmann Charly Hubner
Mauga Athena Karkanis
Marcus O?Sullivan Ellis Turner
Darcy Daniels Katheryn Winnick
Gassam RJ Parrish
Thierry Adam MacDonald
Leon Koroma Demore Barnes
Reporter Brendan Beiser
Director Brad Turner
Executive Producer Luc Besson
Executive Producer Takis Candilis
Executive Producer Fred Fuchs
Executive Producer Timothy J Lea
Executive Producer Brad Turner
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