Hunt for the Arctic Ghost Ship

Hunt for the Arctic Ghost Ship


One of the great maritime mysteries was solved in September 2014. If you missed news reports about the fate of Captain Sir John Franklin’s exploration of the Arctic, you’ll enjoy the drama of the search as this film unfolds. Franklin sailed west in 1845, hoping to traverse the uncharted Northwest Passage, the route through the archipelago north of Canada that leads to the Pacific. He and his 128 men were lost, their two ships never found.

Nowadays even modern boats struggle to stay safe amid the shifting ice. More respect for the local people as well as the conditions would have helped initial investigations, too: we could have wrapped this up years ago if we’d just asked the Inuits.


Cameras follow the multimillion-dollar expedition that discovered the Victorian ship HMS Erebus, intact and upright on the Arctic sea floor in September 2014. The story unfolds in the freezing Arctic, where search vessels battled with heavy sea-ice that threatened to stop the search entirely, to the dramatic chain of events that led to the historic discovery.

Cast & Crew

Executive Producer David Upshal
Executive Producer Richard Bradley
Executive Producer Gordon Henderson
Producer Ben Finney