Samurai Warrior Queens

Samurai Warrior Queens


Samurai in pop culture are always male. A historical inaccuracy, says this docudrama about the 19th-century warrior Nakano Takeko, who fought for her clan’s independence towards the end of the Samurai era. She started martial arts training at the age of six in 1853, just as the American gunboats landed. By 1868, the Samurai clans had split under the pressure of Western influence and were at war, with Takeko leading a breakaway group of Aizu Samurai women into battle against the Imperial Japanese Army.

Expect archaeology, talking historian heads, computer animation and some costumed re-enactments.


Dramatised documentary telling the story of Nakano Takeko, a female samurai who defied convention to lead a rebellion against Japan's western-influenced Emperor in 1868.