Series 3 - Episode 6 Caged



Having been captured and imprisoned in a cage by Dr Martin of private corporation Aktaion, Big Jim is forced to try to trick Christine into giving away information about her intentions. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie question the town's new rules and find themselves in a dangerous face-off with the increasingly unstable residents. Sci-fi drama, starring Dean Norris.

Cast & Crew

Dale `Barbie' Barbara Mike Vogel
Julia Shumway Rachelle Lefevre
James `Big Jim' Rennie Dean Norris
Sam Verdreaux Eddie Cahill
Junior Rennie Alexander Koch
Joe McAlister Colin Ford
Norrie Calvert-Hill Mackenzie Lintz
Eva Sinclair Kylie Bunbury
Christine Price Marg Helgenberger
Dr Marston Frank Whaley
Carolyn Hill Aisha Hands
Roger Lopez Shane Callahan
Hektor Martin Eriq La Salle
Audrey Everett Tia Hendricks
Executive Producer Jack Bender
Executive Producer Steven Spielberg
Executive Producer Stephen King
Executive Producer Neal Baer
Executive Producer Brian K Vaughan
Executive Producer Justin Falvey
Executive Producer Darryl Frank
Executive Producer Stacey Snider
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