Shark Trek

Shark Trek


The increased sightings of great white sharks from Cape Cod to southern Florida are making the locals nervous, especially near beaches that are popular with holidaymakers. Excitable marine biologist Greg Skomal is attempting to track as many as possible with satellite tags and acoustic transmitters to learn about their movements – and why they might congregate in certain areas.

But it’s not just great whites: Greg has a close encounter with a group of bull sharks and follows thousands of black tips from the air. But not all his tagging attempts have the desired result: “Son of a b… gun!” he blurts at one frustrated point, aware that he’s got a camera crew – and a young visitor – watching.


Shark expert Greg Skomal and a team of engineers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic take on the mission of finding out why sightings of Great White sharks are on the rise in Florida.