Series 1 - Episode 1



Reversing the trend of American networks pinching Scandinavian ideas, Dag feels like a Manhattan-based sitcom (albeit of the dark, HBO variety) repackaged for a Norwegian audience. The series revolves around misanthropic marriage counsellor Dag – a dour Jack Black lookalike who spends his therapy sessions lobbing nuggets of cynicism at his shellshocked clients. This opener's a bit hit and miss, but the introduction of a love interest (the beautiful and quirky Eva) offers strong signs of redemption, for Dag – both the character and the show.

A US remake wouldn't come as a surprise; watch it now so you can say you saw the Scandi version first.


Norwegian comedy, starring award-winning stand-up Atle Antonsen as a reclusive marriage counsellor who tries to coax all the couples he treats into divorce. With a firm belief that people should live in solitude, Dag hates spending time with other people. However, his peaceful existence is about to change. In Norwegian.