The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door

The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door

Series 4 - Episode 1



The story of Mandy, whose life became unbearable when she moved to the remote Yorkshire countryside and was systematically terrorised by her neighbour Kenneth each day for almost 10 years. Her life was made even harder because nobody believed her and she had no support from any nearby neighbours in her remote location. Plus, how Doncaster couple Mandy and Carl's friendly relationship with their long-time neighbours turned sour as a result of gossip and the purchase of some noisy dogs, while CCTV footage shows two couples who came to blows on a driveway.

Cast & Crew

Director Gareth Rowlands
Director Selina Chan
Director Neil Rawles
Executive Producer Matthew Gordon
Executive Producer Michele Carlisle
Producer Gareth Rowlands
Producer Selina Chan
Producer Neil Rawles
Series Producer Mona Hamed
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