Series 1 - Episode 9



It’s all getting a bit A Clockwork Orange in the wretched cordon sanitaire as the Antwerp contagion spreads and more victims succumb to the virus.

There are even flashes of The Third Man as desperate men and women, left to rot by their government, try to escape a hideous death. In the final two episodes of the Flemish plague thriller, there are no neat resolutions, and despite a certain scrappiness to the plotting, it’s been an absorbing enough escape into a ghastly underworld where law and order have collapsed.

This is exemplified by those noisy, junkie yobs who terrorise plucky Jana and her IT team up in their fetid offices. “Have we turned into animals?” she wails.


After the brutal raid on the lab, Jana is desperate to get away and finally agrees with Sam to attempt to escape via the route being controlled by the black marketeers. Jokke and Lien hear rumours of a boy who is immune from the virus, while Lex calls on Gryspeerts to find out why he has not published his explosive evidence. In Flemish.

Cast & Crew

Jokke Deelen Wouter Hendrickx
Jana Liesa Van der Aa
Lex Faes Tom Dewispelaere
Sam Geert Van Rampelberg
Leo Gryspeerts Koen De Sutter
Sabine Lommers Mieke De Groote
Ineke Zoe Thielemans
Melissa Elke Shari Van Den Broeck
Nald Nico Sturm
Lien Marthe Schneider
Suzy Greet Verstraete
Director Tim Mielants
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