Pound Shop Wars

Forty New Shops

Series 2 - Episode 3 Forty New Shops



This warm, wonky series generally rattles along at speed but there’s an interesting pause for thought in this episode.

Poundworld boss Chris takes his mother to see the new warehouse he has bought. They stand in the vast empty shed and reminisce about the market stall they used to run together in Wakefield market, from which their multimillion-pound current empire grew. “Whoever dreamt you’d ever have a place as big as this!” she marvels.

And Chris is not one to stand still, with 40 new shops to open – to add to his 230. In Burnley, meanwhile, there’s a whiff of promotion in the air for star of the series, super-keen Ian.


Chief executive Chris Edwards takes a huge gamble by filling his new warehouse with £4million worth of stock he has pre-bought to fill the 40 new Poundworlds he plans to open within the next 12 months. However, launching each branch comes with its own particular set of problems, a truth that becomes very clear to store manager Duncan, who has been tasked with overseeing the opening of a flagship shop in an upmarket Cardiff shopping centres. Meanwhile, in Burnley, store manager Geoff is forced to take time off for eye surgery, giving assistant Ian - known as the Grafter with Laughter - to step into the top job.

Cast & Crew

Narrator Caroline Aherne
Director Tom Williams
Editor Craig Stobart
Executive Producer Cat Lewis
Series Producer Tom Williams