No Refills

Series 5 - Episode 3 No Refills



Right from the off this week is an encounter typical of Suits, a tetchy snarl-off between rival law-firm bosses Jessica Pearson and Robert Zane (Gina Torres and Wendell Pierce). They’re like lions fighting over an antelope carcass, only this time they’re squabbling over Mike Ross, who’s brought a multiple-claim case against an insurance company that Jessica passed over to his future father-in-law. You just know this is not going to go smoothly.

Also having trouble keeping his cool is Harvey, who’s raging at everyone, particularly the very sneaky partner Jack Soloff, who’s trying to squeeze his paycheck. Caught in the middle are Louis, Donna and Harvey’s wise new secretary, Gretchen. Even basketball legend Charles Barkley is pulled into the fight. Those starched shirt collars are looking a little tight, Harvey…


Harvey brings some star power to his ongoing conflict with Jack Soloff, a conflict that Louis and Donna cannot seem to stay clear of.

Cast & Crew

Harvey Specter Gabriel Macht
Mike Ross Patrick J Adams
Louis Litt Rick Hoffman
Donna Paulsen Sarah Rafferty