Mayday: The Downing of Flight 8509

Mayday: The Downing of Flight 8509



An investigation into the crash of Korean Air Cargo Flight 8509 shortly after take-off from London's Stansted airport on 22 December, 1999. With the aid of dramatic re-enactments, cockpit voice recordings, CGI, official reports and eyewitness testimony, this documentary reconstructs the sequence of events to find out what went wrong and why, including how the inbound flight crew had reported a faulty altitude monitor but the maintenance engineer on the ground failed to repair it properly. When investigators turned their attention to the outbound flight crew they found they were aware of the problem, but ignored the warning. An expert in Korean culture was called in and the findings led to a major overhaul of the airline's training programmes and safety procedures.

Cast & Crew

Director Trevor Cornish
Executive Producer Simon Lloyd
Executive Producer Rod Parker
Producer Simon Lloyd
Series Producer Alex Bystram
Documentary Education