Incredible Engineering Blunders: Fixed

Incredible Engineering Blunders: Fixed

Series 1 - Episode 1



The country’s crying out for engineers, so programmes like this go a long way to making the science and practice more accessible. Personable journalist Justin Cunningham is exploring some giant projects that have had major issues, and explains some of the ingenious methods that could resolve them.

First stop is the infamous Glasgow Tower, a spindly rotating construction on the Clyde that’s scarcely worked since it opened in 2001. It’s all to do with the enormous pressure on the bearing at the tower’s base. We also see how the Japanese are managing the gradual sinking of an airport built on a man-made island in Osaka, and the glass-topped new footbridge in Venice that, according to one local, “is not a bridge for people to walk on”. Whose bright idea was that?


Former aerospace engineer Justin Cunningham and Tomo Umewaka find solutions for engineering mistakes. In this episode Justin tries to keep the Glasgow Tower turning.

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Presenter Justin Cunningham