Transporter: The Series


Series 1 - Episode 2 Payback

Friday 1am - 2am Spike
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Tue 24 Oct, 2am - 3am Spike


Frank's latest job goes awry when he loses his package in a hold-up and is accused by his Russian gangster employer of having embezzled the money. However, it transpires a member of Frank's SAS unit from his time in the army is setting him up as a scapegoat to take the fall for a drug-related robbery. Chris Vance stars.

Cast & Crew

Frank Martin Chris Vance
Juliette Dubois Delphine Chaneac
Carla Valeri Andrea Osvart
Dieter Hausmann Charly Hubner
Sergej Zarov Mark Ivanir
Jimmy Reeves Daniel Fathers
Kagan JP Manoux
Cherisse Emily Coutts
Director Bruce McDonald
Director Brad Turner
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