OAP Internet Virgins


Series 1 - Episode 1 George



It's easy to become blasé about technology, so the awestruck reactions here of 84-year-old George are a wonderful reminder of how amazing the internet can be. Perky young vloggers Niki 'n' Sammy have agreed to teach George computer-literacy skills, and the first thing they do is ditch his desktop PC for a tablet.

Within minutes, he's tracked down Perry Como on the iTunes Store. "I've got access to every kind of music under the sun," he marvels. But that's nothing compared to his reaction to voice-recognition software, "You can talk to the thing?!" It's a surprisingly affecting watch, and makes you wonder why most care homes aren't doing this sort of thing.


Young people take pensioners on a guided tour of the world of social media, beginning with 84-year-old George meeting identical-twin vloggers Niki and Sammy.