Great Ormond Street

Fix My Genes

Series 3 - Episode 1 Fix My Genes



Words just can’t sum up documentaries like Great Ormond Street; any attempt to describe them feels trite, inadequate and commonplace because everyone involved is brilliant – doctors, parents and of course the ailing children. Just brilliant. Brilliant and brave.

Herb (five), Keano (nine) and Teigan (ten) all suffer from rare diseases that are destroying their immune systems. Herb and Keano are offered hope with bone marrow transplants but Teigan, a lovely, smiley little girl, needs pioneering gene therapy. One attempt has failed and she needs a second. The doctors talk to her with such honesty and clarity, and she takes it so well.

We follow the children, their parents and the medics throughout complicated, horrible treatments and it’s hard to watch sometimes. As is listening to Herb’s dad, as hope starts to drain: “I don’t want to be in an ambulance with him [again] thinking he’s died on my lap like the last time.”


Following doctors at the children's hospital's Bone Marrow Transplant Unit as they strive to save the lives of youngsters with life-threatening congenital diseases. Patients include Herb, a five year old suffering from Nemo Syndrome, an immune disorder which means his body cannot fight infections, and Keano, who is nine, and also needs a bone marrow transplant.

Cast & Crew

Director Catey Sexton
Executive Producer Lucy Hillman
Producer Catey Sexton
Series Producer Dollan Cannell