Idris Elba: No Limits


Series 1 - Episode 2 Aerobatics



Poor Idris. He’s addicted to speed – as long as it’s on the ground. Put him in a small aircraft and his fears of heights and confined spaces come rushing to the fore. So giving him eight weeks to learn how to fly – and enter an aerobatic contest where he’ll be competing against pilots with hundreds of hours of flying experience – is really taking the Luther star out of his comfort zone.

He struggles with nausea and lack of confidence (rolling a plane upside down will do that to you), and there’s a particularly awkward moment when he asks his mentor if he’s ready for the contest. Can he possibly pull something special together for the big day?


The actor takes on a challenge as he performs aerobatic manoeuvres at the Coventry Airbase Airshow in front of thousands of spectators.